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essays - artikels - poëzie


2006: Nominatie  Prix d’Europe, 10e Curtea Poetry Nights, Curtea d’Arges, Romanië

2007: “Prix de Lien”, Teranova Festival 2007, Metz, Frankrijk

2011: Juryprijs & publieksprijs, Dicht Slam Rap Boxtel 2011, Boxtel, Nederland

2013: Nominatie “Farrago Zoo Award” in de categorie Best Performance by an International Poet in 2013, Farrago Poetry, London, Verenigd Koninkrijk

2019: 1st prijs poëziewedstrijd Cultuurdienst Universiteit Antwerpen



“Poetry: The Oral Conception and Prosody of a Verbal Artefact in the Brain”, in de bloemlezing SPOKIN (geplande publicatie 2024), Universiteit van Pennsylvania, Philadelphia redactie door Norah Rami



“Préface”, in the book “La Méthode Slam! Écrire pour dire.”, Julie Lombe, Editions du Pétrichor, 2023



“The trance of the read verbal artifact”, Versopolis, online, oktober 2022



“One Way of Looking at Vispo ”, Coldfront Magazine, online, augustus 2014


“Every solution creates its problems.” in Maintenant Dada #8, A Contemporary Dada Art & Literary Journal, Three Rooms Press, New York, USA



“Nawoord” , essay het kunstenaarsboek Frie J. Jacobs 2012-1992, September 2013


“Poëzie als passie en revolutie”, essay in Rekto:Verso, Nr. 56, maart-april 2013


“De orale interpretatie van visuele poëzie”, essay in de catalogus ‘getekende klanken’ bij de tentoonstelling in de Centrale Bibliotheek van de Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, in opdracht van Matrix vzw, november 2013


“Now?” and “Now mama’s gone” in Maintenant Dada #7, A Contemporary Dada Art & Literary Journal, Three Rooms Press, New York, USA


“Office Suite,” and “W(ar)T.” in the March issue of the online poetry magazine Truck by Halvard Johnson, curated by Mary Kasimor (http://halvard-johnson.blogspot.be/2013/03/philip-meersman_7.html and http://halvard-johnson.blogspot.be/2013/03/philip-meersman_11.html


Performance scenario “Racist Poetry” (the title of the poem has been – due to political correctness – changed into “New poetry s”) in the Farmhouse Art Collective (http://farmhouseartcollective.wordpress.com/), online, USA


Performance poem “Tango del Sonnet”, translated into Estonian, in an anthology of experimental poets, „PILT JA SÕNA. Hullunud Tartu 2010-2012 / PICTURE AND WORD. Crazy Tartu 2010-2012”


“Notre Dame du Labyrinthe”, “Gouden zingt de nachtegaal”, “Torens” and “Zaedno-Tesaam” were published in the anthology “Vers uit Brussel 2 – Een kwestie van splinters” by Het Willemsfonds.


“Visuele poëzie, een tentoonstelling”, essay in de catalogus van ‘Visuele Poëzie’ bij de tentoonstelling in de Goretti Kapel, Tilburg, Nederland, gecureerd door Ellen Vedder en Rossella Bargiacchi, november 2012


“Laatste gedicht”, a tribute to Gnedov in the DichtSlamRap Boxtel 2012 poetry anthology.


“Tableau Vivant III: Reading the Rain” in the online academic literary magazine “Reconfigurations” in the “Vol. 5. Disappearance (http://reconfigurations.blogspot.com/2011/12/philip-meersman-tableau-vivant-iii.html)


“Peace” in Maintenant 6, A Contemporary Dada Art & Literary Journal, Three Rooms Press, New York, USA


“Tango del sonnet (in honour of Hlebnikov and Kamensky), Sonnet for 5 voices” translated into Russian in The poetry magazine Журнал ПОэтов №1 [34] ‘ 12, Moscow, Russia


“Poetry Day” translated into Chinese and published in the Chinese poetry magazine: The World Poets Quarterly, Volume 67, August 8, 2012 and online: http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_6c969f2b01016oy3.html, China


Some of his poems, in “Truck”, the November issue curated by Dirk Vekemans (http://halvard-johnson.blogspot.be/2012/11/philip-meersman-1-of-5-10-jesus-is.html)


“Meanwhile in Budapest”, “Brussels” ,“Poets of my Fatherland” and “La Justitia” in the internet poetry journal “On Barcelona” (http://onbarcelona.blogspot.be/2012/12/philip-meersman_11.html?m=1), online, USA



“2. Jesus is given his cross” in Issue #3 Eccolinguistics, USA


“Het Belang” in Brabant Literair, The Netherlands


“Neuhaus” in Maintenant 5, A Contemporary Dada Poetry Journal, Three Rooms Press, New York


The visual poems “P-poem”, “Concreet Gedicht” and “La Justitia” (August 19 till 21) at the exhibition of visual poetry “Okoloslov.” in the framework of art festival “Wood MUTE» Listvenichnyi park, Svetlogorsk, Russia


“Wasser Gedicht” And/Or Vol. 2, New York, USA


“Notre Dame d’Afrique” in the maiden issue of the international Hungarian literature and art magazine “Magyar Huzat – Ungarischer Luftzug – Hungarian Draught”, Budapest, Hungary


“A New Member” and “Tableau Vivant I, II & III” in the online Poetry Magazine Kritya (http://www.kritya.in/0703/En/poetry_at_our_time2.html), India



“Last Post” and “De Touareg van Stekene” in the Dutch Online Poetry Anthology “Over de Grens” (Across the Border) published by the Dutch newspaper “Trouw” in the “Buitenland” (Abroad) chapter, online.


“58TDi” in Zieteratuur, Karel ten Haaf (ed.), Uitgeverij Passage, Groningen, The Netherlands


“Doel 1” and “Poets of My Fatherland / Dichters des Vaderlands” in Maintenant Dada 4, Three Room Press, New York, USA


“Soggy moods” April 28th of the Canadian Poetry Month, AngelHousePress, Canada


“Het morbide meisje” and “TEsT amen T”, May issue of the Dutch online poetry magazine “Hernehim”


“Tableau Vivant II (resistance is futile)” and “Origami Meditations” in “A Generation Defining Itself, Volume 9”,


“Chocolat Chaud” in the online academic literary magazine “Reconfigurations”, “Vol. 4. Emergence”: http://reconfigurations.blogspot.be/2010/11/philip-meersman-chocolat-chaud.html


“Ecce Homo” in the maiden issue Eccolinguistics, USA


the visual poem “Dichters des Vaderlands” (“Poets of my Fatherland”) in the Winter 2009 issue of the Japanese Avant Garde poetry magazine “Beagle”.


“Ariadne III” and “Fishing in the Inkwell” in the January issue of Many Colored Brooms (www.manycoloredbrooms.com)


The Spanish performance poem, created at the Rosario Festival 2008, “Manifesto del Poesia XVI” in the Winter Issue #6 of Monkey Puzzle Magazine, Boulder, Colorado, USA


“A new member” in the Spring Issue #7 of Monkey Puzzle Magazine, Boulder, Colorado, USA


“Tableau vivant I” in the American anthology: “A Generation Defining Itself: Volume 8”


Several DaDaist poems in Maintenant 3 DaDa Poetry Journal,Three Rooms Press, New York, USA


Sound-poems “Boodschap voor (o) verleden (voor stem, morsetekens en geweeklaag)”, “OPUS II (morse, stem, weeklagend koor)”, “Obicham te”, “Wasser Gedicht” and “Summary” in the sound poetry magazine “aslongasittakes”, issue 3 (edited by the Atlanta Poets Group) (http://www.aslongasittakes.org/issue%203.html)


Audio recordings of the performances by DAstrugistenDA of different poems by Philip in “+arTronic+, Anthology of Sound and Visual Poetry and Video Art, VOL. 1: 2008/2009, PART 1: WORLD SOUND POETRY” (http://www.archive.org/details/ahrart001aArtronicAnthologyVolume1Part1), Russia


Visual Poem “Doel 3” on April 20th of the Canadian National Poetry Month, AngelHousePress, Canada


Some poems on the website of the Nordic Poetry Center, Finland: http://www.nokturno.org/philip-meersman/sound-poems/


BsAs picture in Issue #8 of Monkey Puzzle Magazine, Boulder, Colorado, USA


Visual poems “Multzumess” and Concreet Gedicht” in RECONFIGURATIONS: A Journal for Poetics & Poetry / Literature & Culture, #3: http://reconfigurations.blogspot.be/2009/11/philip-meersman-multzumess.html and http://reconfigurations.blogspot.be/2009/11/philip-meersman-concreet-gedicht.html


“Vlaamse Kost”, a Russian Anthology of Flemish Avant-Garde writers published in Futurum-art: http://futurum-art.ru/archiv/16_2007/meersman.php

“Vlaamse Kost” a Russian Anthology of Flemish Avant-Garde writers published in “Drugoe polusharie #3, 2008”: http://drugpolushar.narod.ru/DP032008.htm


Revista Galerna nr. 5, New York (Translated poems by Marta Lopez & Sergio Badilla Castillo into Spanish for this Spanish poetry magazine)

Poems translated into Italian and published by professor Martha Canfield in her essay: “Il Villaggio Globale e L’Uomo-Donna: Breve panorama della poesia attuale nel mondo” published in the magazine L’ULISSE (www.lietocolle.info/upload/ulisse_7_8.pdf) – Rivista di poesia, arti e scritture diretta da Alessandro Broggi, Stefano Salvi e Italo Testa, Numero 7-8 (gennaio 2007): “La lingua della poesia: esperienze dei linguaggi, poesia e traduzione, dialettologia”.


Written expositions

2005-2006 Touring Exhibition: “Bound_less”, Curated by Henry Meyric Hughes. As a part of the installation of Jan Christensen. (http://www.janchristensen.org/boundless.htm)
On location: 18.02.05 – 17.04.05 Oslo, Stenersenmuseet; 23.05.05 – 29.05.05 Bodø, Bodø Kunstforening; 11.06.05 – 21.08.05 Jølster, Sogn og Fjordane Kunstmuseum -Eikaas-galleriet; 02.09.05 – 02.10.05 Harstad, Trondarnes Distriktsmuseum; 13.10.05 – 06.11.05 Eidsberg, Eidsberg kommune, Kulturkontoret; 19.11.05 – 29.01.05 Kirkenes, Grenselandmuseet; 12.03.06 – 23.04.06 Stavanger, Stavanger Kunstforening

2005 “Jigsaw txt <=> txt” part of the exposition “HET WERK” created by Bas Schevers and Jan Huijben at Stichting Kop, Tramsingel 88, Breda, Holland. (a visual interpretation of the association between the reality, the perception and the undergoing emotional feelings when reading the collection of 55 poems)

Virtual expositions

March 2005 participation in “sacrifier le / Sacrifice / sacrificing” a networked project, participative / collaborative web & net art by Tamara Laï. (http://www.imal.org/tamara_lai/sacrifice/menu.htm)

Expositions and artperformances

April 1st & 2nd, 2005 participation in the project “Broeikast Café + Expo”, youthcentre Kavka, Oudaan 14, Antwerp, Belgium.

July 16 – 26: “Hoofdkantoor nr. 50, Een Museumshop Zonder Museum”, Ottogracht 50, Ghent, Belgium as part of the project “De Doos Model ~ Nr. 2005/0” and with Poetry-Posters, collections of poems,…

August 24 – 29: as co-founder of “dastrugistenda”, several poetry-performances at the 44th Struga Poetry Evenings, Macedonia (http://www.svp.org.mk/uk_05_provisional.htm)

August 1st – December 18th: artist in residence at TOR vzw, Waterschei station renovation project: open source: “mWDm” (mijn (W)oor(D) mijn), a word-intervention, a witness, a reacTOR: (http://www.toronline.be)